The Amazing Health of Virgin Coconut Oil

In mid-2005, at that time in Indonesia is booming Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO). Based on this background as the villagers concerned with the world of agriculture, Muhammad Bachroni decided to apply himself to this white oil making business, partnering with farmers in Bantul and Kulonprogo.

As a result, demand for VCO products with brands such PRIMA COCO came rushing up to thousands of liters per month.

In 2008 after the boom VCO starts to decline, Bina Agro Mandiri expand its business expanded into the sale and manufacture of other herbal products. VCO PRIMA COCO still produced despite the turnover had dropped drastically. The result of such consistency eventually picked too. When the VCO users require products, almost all manufacturers already do not make it anymore, and PRIMA COCO is one of the few prdusen are still active. We also serve demand in bulk quantity.