The raw materials of herb we would like to offer: No Description Of Goods Price (IDR) Condition 1 Imperata cylindrica 20,000.00/kg Dried roots 2 Zingiber purpureum 45,000.00/kg Dried slice rhizomes 3 Clinacanthus nutans 27,000.00/kg Dried herbs 4 Ziziphus mauritiana 55,000.00/kg Dried leaves 5 Zingiber Officinale var. Rubrum (Red Ginger) 80,000.00/kg Dried slice rhizomes 6 Moringa …

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Red Ginger

Chemical content of red ginger consists of gingerol, zingeron, and shogaol. In addition, red ginger contains 1-4% of essential oils and oleoresin. Essential oils in red ginger rhizome also have other compound components consisting of zingerberin, kamfena, lemonin, zingiberen, zingiberal, gingeral and shogaol and other contents such as dammar oil, starch, organic acid, malic acid, …

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