Madeira Vine (Anredera cordifolia)

Anredera cordifolia, commonly known as the Madeira-vine or mignonette vine, is a South American species of ornamental succulent vine of the family Basellaceae. The combination of fleshy leaves and thick aerial tubers makes this a very heavy vine. It smothers trees and other vegetation it grows on and can easily break branches and bring down entire trees on its own.

Anredera cordifolia is an evergreen climber that grow from fleshy rhizomes. It has bright green, heart-shaped, fleshy shiny leaves 4–13 cm long. Wart-like tubers are produced on aerial stems and are a key to identifying the plant. It produces masses of small fragrant, cream flowers on dependent racemes, which may be up to 30 cm (12 in) in length. The plant spreads via the tubers, which detach very easily.

Anredera cordifolia can reproduce through the proliferation of tubers and also from rhizome fragments that may be broken off. Although this species has both male and female flowers they rarely reproduce sexually and produce seed. This species often spreads through its own vegetative growth, but can easily be transported by human activities. If fragments end up in waterways, they are easily transported to new locations in this manner.

Anredera cordifolia leaves has been used as a medicinal plant by the nation of China , Korea and Taiwan since thousands of years ago . This plant in China known as Dheng San Chi . In addition to its leaf roots , stems and roots of this plant can be used as medicine . The content contained in the leaves binahong include antimicrobial . Antimicrobial binahong leaves very reactive to some germs cause infections in burns and wounds with a sharp object . Binahongyang leaves remarkable efficacy as well as binahong leaves contain ascorbic acid which can increase the body’s resistance to infection and speed healing

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