Indonesia is so rich with a variety of potential natural resources. Fertile soil and water-stop flow has been to grow a wide range of plants and trees with myriads of benefits.

Bina Agro Mandiri is a business activity in the field of agribusiness under CV Yogya Visiprima which stood since 2005. Starting from Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) production when the product is booming, which deliver our team toured Indonesia to provide training to community empowerment in the field of processing of products made from coconut.

When Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) boom ended, we continue to produce and develop the business include:
1. Seed plants, including medicinal plants, fruits and plants.
2. Raw materials of herbs, either in the form of dry, powder or extract.
3. herbal products in the form of capsules, tea bags, brewed potions and liquid.

Especially for Virgin Coconut Oil products, we are grateful for our consistency to keep producing it made us a little among those who are still producing the virgin oil. So the sales turnover was gradually increased, especially supported synergies with other herbal product sales. Certainly no just because of that, we continue to produce while doing various innovation to produce Virgin Coconut Oil which is better, with test parameters at the Organic Chemistry laboratory of the Gajah Mada University, Yogyakarta-Indonesia.

For other herbal ingredients, today there are dozens of manufacturers of herbal whether the household scale to industrial scale entrust supply raw materials from our company. The producers are located in various regions both in Yogyakarta, various regions in Java, even outside of Java.

Currently the warehouse and processing of our raw materials is on South Ringroad street,Jogonalan, Kasihan, Bantul, Yogyakarta – Indonesia. While the marketing office at Bantul street, 391 Dongkelan Yogyakarta – Indonesia with a total of 26 employees.

To support the supply of products, we have some of the raw materials farmers in Kulon Progo, Bantul, Sleman and Magelang. We hope those efforts continue to grow and we can continue to improve our product quality and provide benefits to more parties.