The raw materials of herb we would like to offer:

No Description Of Goods Price (IDR) Condition
1 Imperata cylindrica 20,000.00/kg Dried roots
2 Zingiber purpureum 45,000.00/kg Dried slice rhizomes
3 Clinacanthus nutans 27,000.00/kg Dried herbs
4 Ziziphus mauritiana 55,000.00/kg Dried leaves
5 Zingiber Officinale var. Rubrum (Red Ginger) 80,000.00/kg Dried slice rhizomes
6 Moringa oleifera 40,000.00/kg Dried leaves
7 Garcinia mangostana 22,000.00/kg Dried rinds
8 Orthosiphon aristatus 20,000.00/kg Dried leaves
9 Curcuma alba 50,000.00/kg Dried slice rhizomes
10 Curcuma domestica (Turmeric) 23,000.00/kg Dried slice rhizomes
11 Zingiber zerumbet 20,000.00/kg Dried slice rhizomes
12 Phaleria macrocarpa 55,000.00/kg Dried slice rhizomes
13 Morinda citrifolia 25,000.00/kg Dried slice fruits
14 Phyllanthus niruri 30,000.00/kg Dried herbs
15 Andrographis paniculata 20,000.00/kg Dried herbs
16 Abrus precatorius 75,000.00/kg Dried herbs
17 Curcuma xhanthorrhiza 18,000.00/kg Dried slice rhizomes
18 Swietenia mahagoni (Sky fruits) 40,000.00/kg Dried seeds
19 Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) 90,000.00 Liquid
20 Palm Sugar Powder
21 Coconut Sugar Powder

1. Bulk Quantity
2. Place of Origin : Yogyakarta – Indonesia
3. Packaging :
4. Term of Payment : L/C or T/T
5. Shipping fees : Exclude