Zingiber purpureum Roxb.

bangle1 bangleZingiber purpureum/ zingiber casumounar has a distinctive smell that is stinging, slightly bitter, and spicy. The rhizome zingiber purpureum contains organic acids, minerals, fats, albumioid gums, sugars, resins, starch, tannins, and essential oils, such as sineol, pinen and sisquiterpen.

Benefits of zingiber purpureum/ zingiber casumounar include:

  1. Treating Fever
  2. Treat headaches.
  3. Treating Cough with phlegm.
  4. Treat Stomach ache
  5. Overcoming Constipation
  6. Treating Jaundice.
  7. Overcoming Rheumatism.
  8. As a herbal concoction in women after childbirth.
  9. Shrink belly after delivery.
  10. Overcoming Obesity.
Price : IDR 45,000.00/kg
Condition : Dried slice rhizome
Place of Origin : Yogyakarta – Indonesia
Packaging :
Quantity : Bulk
Term of Payment : L/C or T/T
Shipping fees : Exclude