Curcuma Xanthorrizha

temulawakCurcuma xanthorrhiza has several chemical compounds contained in the rhizome, including fellandrean and turmerol or often called oil evaporate. Then essential oils, camphor, glucoside, foluymetic carbinol and curcuminoid.

Curcuminoid consists of curcumin and desmetoxicurcumin, which is useful neutralize toxins, relieve joint pain, increase bile secretion, lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels of blood, antibacterial, preventing fatigue in liver cells, and antioxidants.

While essential oils store the efficacy to increase the production of bile sap and suppress tissue swelling.

Price : IDR 18,000.00/kg
Condition : Dried slice rhizomes
Place of Origin : Yogyakarta – Indonesia
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Quantity : Bulk
Term of Payment : L/C or T/T
Shipping fees : Exclude