Gynura segetum

Gynura segetumNetto : 60 gram

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Gynura segetum contains saponin, Essential Oil, Flavonoids. Leaves gods have chemical properties and pharmacological effects: Neutral, distinctive taste, anticoagulants, prevent blood clotting, stimulate circulation, stopping the bleeding.

Benefits of plant Gynura segetum, among others:


  1. Analgesic (pain relieving)
  2. Anti-inflammatory (anti-inflammatory)
  3. As an anticoagulant
  4. Dilute blood clot due to swelling
  5. To stop the bleeding
  6. Removing heat
  7. Cleanse toxins
  8. Treating bruises due to hit
  9. Constriction of blood vessels
  10. Treating Coronary heart
  11. Stroke
  12. Throat infections
  13. Venomous animal bites
  14. Bleeding after childbirth
  15. Seizures in children
  16. High cholesterol
  17. Treat breast cancer in women
  18. Blood circulation
  19. Medications to lower high blood pressure (hypertension)
  20. Pain relief medication
  21. Resolvent
  22. Shed urinary medicine
  23. Febrifuge
  24. Medicine diabetes or diabetes mellitus
  25. Cleanser of toxins in the body
  26. As a cancer prevention drug
  27. Helped break down urine
  28. Treating swelling caused injury blow
  29. Treating menstrual noncurrent
  30. Blood circulation
  31. Stop bleeding in nosebleeds, coughing up blood, and vomiting blood
  32. Treat burns
  33. Inhibiting tumor growth
  34. Help lower cholesterol
  35. Help cure TB disease
  36. Inhibit the growth of cysts on the woman’s uterus
  37. Treat postpartum hemorrhage normal
  38. Treating broken bones
  39. Bitten by venomous animals
  40. Treating swelling of the breast
  41. Treat rheumatism (joint)
  42. Treating kidney stone disease, sinusitis cough, sore throat etc.

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