Cassia Senna

Cassia SennaNetto : 150 gram

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Cassia senna contains caffeine, sterols, amsa phenolics, tannins and mucilage. Based on the analysis of the leaf china teak itokimia contained triterpene, kariofilen, catechins, farnesol, friedelin, kaurenat acid, prekosen I, prosianidin B-2, B-5 prosianidin, prosianidin C-1, sitosterol, friedelin-3a-ol, sterols, alkaloids , carotenoids, flavonoids, tannins, carbohydrates and saponin.

Cassia senna useful for slimming, reduce cholesterol, reduce abdominal fat in the body laxative for people with obesity efficacious as a starter metabolism, thus helping the process of secretion / sewage.


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