Tinospora Crispa

Tinospora crispaNetto : 70 gram

Price : IDR

Tinospora crispa / Tinospora tuberculata contain a variety of substances, such as alkaloids, glycosides, berberine, Harsha, palmatin, tinokrisposia, kolombin, and kaokolin. Berberina alkaloid content useful to kill the bacteria in the wound, while the pikroretin bitter substances can stimulate the nerves work so respirators work properly and to intensify the exchange of substances so as to reduce the heat.

Brotowali benefits, among others:

  1. Treating rheumatic arthritis
  2. Treating rheumatic joints
  3. Treating a fever
  4. Treating yellow fever
  5. Treating diabetes / diabetes
  6. Treating malaria
  7. Treating bruises, scabies and wounds


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