Typhonium flagelliforme

Typhonium flagelliformeNetto : 100 gram

Price : IDR

Typhonium flagelliforme compounds containing elements such as alkaloids, triterpenoids, polyphenols, arginine, tritofan, fitol. In the rat taro leaf compounds containing elements such as decanoic acid hexa, octa decanoic acid, lauric nature, kapriat acid, and koniferin. While in the trunk compounds containing elements such as cerebrosides, daukasterol and inacktivating ribosome protein (RIP).

Typhonium flagelliforme for health benefits, among others:

  1. Inhibits the growth of tumor cells
  2. Inhibits the growth of cancer cells
  3. Reduce the adverse effects of chemotherapy
  4. As anti-viral and anti-bacterial
  5. As detoxification of toxins drugs and cigarettes
  6. Overcoming Diabetes mellitus (diabetes)
  7. Treat hypertension (high blood pressure)
  8. Improve stamina and immune system
  9. Help alleviate heart failure
  10. Cure influenza, cough, reducing phlegm, headache
  11. Anti-asthma
  12. Inhibit swelling and inflammation
  13. overcoming bloating
  14. Apanacea liver disease



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